Eco Friendly Packaging

We have now lauched our complete recycable box with thanks to our partners Hydropac we are the 1st company in Ireland to offer our customers the EnviroCool box.

Kerrigans are committed to our sustainability project so far in 2019 we have switched all our energy usage to renwable energy powered by Pinergy in the form of water, solar and turbine energy.

We have phased out all our 1 time plastic bag use replacing with our Bags For Life for €1 we even offer to refund the €1 if you bring it back to us.Now we are launching EnviroCool which is our temperature controlled box solution made from a selection of paper types including recycled and natural Kraft paper, it is quite literally plant based.Being made from paper, this is totally biodegradable packaging. Unbleached fibres ensures the soil and water table remain unpolluted.

This packaging is 100% compostable and recyable thanks to its paper makeup and its super strong and has passed all our temperature control checks.Due to its manufacturing process there is a small surcharge of €2 for this box but I'm sure you will agree its money well spent.

Simply add the Enviro Cool option on the final step of the checkout page above the payment options.